Building an Ethical Financial System

Research by Church Urban Fund reveals Churchgoers are twice as likely to support credit unions than others.

The Church Urban Fund briefing paper gives some background to the issues surrounding the problem of payday lending and the role credit unions can play in building a more ethical financial system. It also suggests ways in which churches can get involved with and support their local credit unions

The research also shows many of those that attend church on a regular basis agree that churches should actively support credit unions, in order to strengthen alternatives to payday loans.

The Chair of the Church Urban fund, the Rev Paul Hackwood said:
“The establishment of credit unions in churches is a great example of the kind of social action that is seen to be at the heart of the Christian faith. As one focus group participant put it, ‘Here’s a practical way of supporting the poor and that’s what Jesus wanted us to do’.”

The full report and executive summary of the report can be found here

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