Receiving Online Donations

Which Online Giving Provider Should We Use?

In the comprehensive supplier listing linked to below, we have highlighted (in price order) the most relevant and affordable providers for churches in the UK for you to compare.

The solution available on Parish Buying is the most affordable and is available here.

Click here for a comprehensive list of online giving platform providers.

Please note there are other providers available and many church management apps also provide online giving options.

Why Use Online Giving?

Enabling people to donate online can really increase the amount your church can raise outside of services, when churches are closed, or from those who do not normally give.

We also have advice on how to encourage giving online.

What should you look for in an online giving provider?

Most providers give you a donations platform or space that is linked to your website so that an individual can make a donation using a variety of payment methods. Most donation platform providers can embed a ‘Donate Here’ on your website and will also automatically reclaim the Gift Aid on your behalf. Fundraising pages are the most popular way of raising money through a sponsored event such as a walk or run, or for a one off appeal.

We recommend your PCC researches the costs and benefits before registering – as well as considering the following: 

1. Costs: Costs may include a one-off set-up fee, a regular monthly subscription, a % of each gift taken by the provider and the credit/debit card transaction charge levied by the bank or processor.

2. Benefits: Benefits can include Gift Aid processing, brand awareness, user-friendly sites for you and your donors, automated ‘thank you’ messages, reporting, promotional templates, and fundraising pages.

3. Functionality: Some providers offer more services than others, e.g. a mobile app, which your donors can download onto their smartphone. You might also want to look into linking or embedding the web page to your church website, Facebook or Twitter etc.

Top Tips for Online Giving

  • Keep it simple: If a transaction takes longer than 30-seconds, 85% of people cancel the transaction
  • Gift Aid: Ensure Gift Aid is claimed as automatically or as part of your existing claim.
  • Unrestricted/Restricted Funds: Set up multiple one-off or regular funds, which members can donate towards.
  • Spread the word: Embed the Donate Button into your church website and provide a link to your giving page on your social media channels, parish emails and newsletters.

Tips for Signing Up

All online giving providers have slightly different requirements for signing up so please check with the provider you select. We suggest having the following to hand for most providers:

  • Your Registered Charity Number or your HMRC Gift Aid Reference (if you are an excepted charity)
  • Your bank details and some recent bank statements
  • Details of your Church Wardens and Treasurer