Whilst it is generally a good principle for the day to day running costs and routine maintenance of the church to be met by regular giving, regular one off fundraising activities can significantly contribute to a churches income. In addition, there will inevitably be times in the lives of many churches when a major fundraising project is needed.

These guides are to help parishes raise funds for large fundraising appeals (building projects) as well as funding the on-going mission of the church. Some of these guides were developed by a Good Practice Group established by the National Stewardship Committee and are intended to be simple “how-to” guides.

1. Capital Fundraising and Building Projects

These 12 Capital Funding Guides take you through the various stages of developing and delivering a large fundraising project.

Chapter 10 of The Crossing the Threshold Toolkit, (developed by the Diocese of Hereford, AllChurches Trust (now Benefact Trust) and the Historic Religious Buildings Alliance), provides help in getting organised and creative when fundraising for large projects.

2. Church Fundraising Events and Initiatives

The Introduction to Church Fundraising and Holding a Fundraising Event guides, give ideas and helps on using one off events to support the raising of church funds.

3. Digital Giving for Churches

There are a number of ways to give and in the wider charitable sector this form of giving is growing fast.

Digital Giving— Supporting Parish Ministry 

4. National List of Charitable Grants for Churches

We have produced a National List of Charitable Grants for Churches. This booklet has 6 funding categories relevant to your church, as well as useful websites and organisations to contact.

Please note that this is a national list, and therefore contains no information about local funders. If you’re unsure who your local funders are, your Diocese might have a list, or there will be someone in the Church Buildings Department who can help you.

This second list of funders is for environmental and sustainability projects only:

Download the Environmental Grants List (PDF last updated June 2023)