76% of Britons giving to good causes

The UK is top of the developed world for giving money to charity, with 76% of Britons giving to good causes in a typical month.

The increase in financial giving makes the UK the sixth most charitable nation in the world, up from 8th, in the World Giving Index, the biggest annual global survey of giving published today.

Did you know?

As well as raising voluntary funds to run the church, our parishes give away around £50 million each year to missions and other charities!

The giving of time and talents

The survey also found that Britons are becoming more generous with their time as volunteering levels rose by three percentage points from the previous year to 20%.

The Church of England has always depended on the generosity of its volunteers.

Did you know?

More people do unpaid work for church organisations than any other organisation?  Eight per cent of adults undertake voluntary work for church organisations while sixteen per cent of adults belong to religious or church organisations.

In addition, a quarter of regular churchgoers (among both Anglicans and other Christians separately) are involved in voluntary community service outside the church.

Churchgoers overall contribute 23.2 million hours voluntary service each month in their local communities outside the church. That’s a lot of volunteering!

Despite a slowdown in the global economy, the average percentage of people donating money, volunteering time and helping a stranger have all increased. We hope that you are witnessing growth in generosity in all of your parishes, and encourage you to share the good news.

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