How to Encourage Legacy Giving

Many church members would like to know how they could leave a gift to the Church, although they might be reticent about asking. We’ve produced 4 Simple Steps your PCC can take to encourage legacy giving.

Step 1: Request a free PCC Legacy Toolkit 

The Toolkit provides everything you need to launch a successful legacy campaign. Helpful resources include our PCC Guide to Legacy Giving and our short PCC Legacy Film on Disc. There are also legacy leaflet, bookmark and poster samples, Bible Passages and Legacy Prayers.

Please visit our Order Resources page for your free copy.

Step 2: Make and Communicate a Legacy Policy 

A Legacy Policy is an important document that all parishes should have. It allows the PCC to prepare and discuss how they would wish to see a gift used.

To develop your own legacy policy using our example template, please click here 

Step 3: Make Legacy Literature Available

It is important to make quality literature available for those who wish to find out more. We recommend making free information available so individuals can take it away and prayerfully reflect.

To view our legacy resources and order your free copies today, please click here

Step 4: Share your Story

We encourage parishes to talk about the power of gifts in wills. A simple service can highlight the difference gifts have made in the past, and how they can make a difference to your church’s future.

Gifts in wills should be in encouraged, but in a sensitive, low-key manner- drip feeding messages in different ways throughout the year.

Legacy Resources to Help You 

We have a range of additional resources, guidance notes and promotional materials to help your parish with encouraging legacy giving.

Click here to view our extensive (but not exclusive) list