Legacy Resources to Help You

There are a number of additional resources to help your parish with legacy giving. Please find a detailed (but not exhaustive) list below.

Short Legacy Film for the PCC: A Lasting Difference 

A short film explaining how gifts in wills can help transform the lives of our local churches and communities, and how your PCC can encourage and welcome gifts in wills in your parish. This film lasts 4:30 and can be shown at a PCC Meeting.

PCC Legacy Toolkit 

The Toolkit provides everything you need to launch a successful legacy campaign. Helpful resources include our PCC Guide to Legacy Giving and our short PCC Legacy Film on Disc. There are also legacy leaflet, bookmark and poster samples, Bible Passages and Legacy Prayers.

Please request this pack free of charge via our Order Resources webpage.

Appointing a Parish Legacy Officer 

It is good practice to appoint someone to act as the main contact for legacies. This role involves encouraging church members to keep their wills up to date and consider the difference a gift in their will could make to their local church.

Click here to view our guidance on Appointing a Parish Legacy Officer

In Memory Giving: PCC Guide

It is important to make quality literature available so for those that wish to fin Giving in Memory is a unique way for people to honour the memory of a loved one. It helps people to remember the person who has died and celebrate their life whilst supporting the work of a favourite charitable cause.

Click here to find our how your church can welcome In Memory Gifts

Legacy Literature and Materials Available  

It is important to make quality literature available so for those that wish to find out more. We recommend making free information available so people can take it away and prayerfully reflect.

To view our legacy resources and order your free copies today, please click here

Customise your own Parish Legacy Leaflet 

Encouraging legacy giving in you parish will be more relatable if you can communicate it at a local level. By personalising this leaflet using photographs of your church and its community, your message on gifts in wills, will really resonate with the reader.

We have word template documents available based on the generic legacy leaflet.

Codicil Forms 

A Codicil Form is an addition or supplement that explains, modifies, or revokes a will or part of one.

You can download a basic Codicil Form Template here

Letter of Wishes 

A Letter of Wishes is a document that accompanies your Will. It is not legally binding but can guide your executors and trustees to ensure your personal wishes are carried out.

You can download a basic Letter of Wishes Template here

Parish Magazine Articles on Legacies and Wills 

A simple way to drip feed the message can be to feature an article on legacies and wills in your parish/church magazine. We have produced 5 example articles for you to use and adapt.

Click here to download Parish Magazine Legacy Articles

Further Help 

There is further help available at both a national and diocesan level.

Church Legacy Website

www.churchlegacy.org.uk is aimed at individuals and helps guide them through the process of making a will and how to leave a legacy to their local church. It also offers information and downloadable resources for solicitors.

Church Legacy and Wills Information Line

This provides help and advice to both parishes and individuals. You can speak to the National Legacy Officer at the Church of England on 08445 870875.

Diocesan Stewardship Advisor

Your Regional Advisor will help you plan your strategy, integrate legacies into the wider stewardship context and provide further help and support.