FATCA forms (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act)

PCCs have recently been receiving letters from banks asking them to fill in a form in relation to the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA).

These are not straightforward – indeed the legislation is complex, different banks use different forms, and  the identification numbers that they seek (tax identification, HRMC charity number, Charity Commission registration number) varies between PCCs.

We’re grateful to our colleagues in the national tax team who have produced some guidance on this, have filled out some sample forms as examples, and have drafted a covering letter that you may wish to send to your bank with the form in case you’ve not quite filled it in correctly.

Here are the downloads:

The guidance: FATCA Guidance for Parishes (This is a pdf and includes the draft covering letter)

The draft covering letter in Word to make editing easier: PCC FATCA Covering Letter

The Sample Forms from:  HSBC: Example1  and Example2  Nat West: Example3  and Brooks Macdonald: Example4