Receiving Card Payments

It is increasingly easy for churches to start accepting card payments. You may wish to rent or purchase a card reader to process payments (both contactless and chip & PIN) for the cost of fees, concerts, cups of coffee, or for taking donations.

Card Reader Terminals Available

Church of England and Church in Wales organisations can purchase card readers and contactless donation units at a discount through the Parish Buying service. Please visit the Parish Buying website to learn about the different options available.

Click here to view Card Readers available to your parish 

“How To” Short Video Clips

We have produced some short videos clips to help you get started; whether that’s help downloading the app or using a card reader for the first time.

Click here to view our short “How To” video clips

Helpful FAQs

We’ve produced some FAQs along with hints and tips document to help your parish get started. This document also includes ideas for how to use a card reader in your church building and how to claim Gift Aid.

Click here to read our FAQs Document

National Trials

We have run two national trials on contactless payments

The first trial tested small hand-held card readers in 60 parishes around England. The trail resulted in national contracts with two card reader providers: SumUp and iZettle.

You can read the report on that trial here.

The second trial placed self-service contactless donation units in 9 cathedrals and Romsey Abbey.

You can read the results of that trial here.

Case Study: Do You Take Card?

We have produced a short parish case study to demonstrate how a parish has successfully used a card reader to increase the number of donations received by its members of the congregation, visitors and tourists.

Click here to view our parish case study ‘Do You Take Cards?’