Digital Giving

donate-online-iconIn the wider charitable sector, new forms of giving are growing fast. This is particularly true amongst younger givers, but many older givers give through digital giving portals too.

Although regular giving is the bedrock of support for most churches, one-off donations are a very useful additional supplement to this. Enabling people to make a one off donation online can really increase the amount your church can raise for specific appeals and one off events.

There are a number of different ways to encourage digital giving:

* Receive Online Donations

There are a number of website donation platforms that enable people to donate online using debit and credit card, paypal as well as setting up direct debits and reclaiming Gift Aid.

Please Note: The popular provider BT MyDonate closed in June 2019.

Please view the guidance below to identify a new provider for your church.

Click here to view our guidance on Receiving Online Donations

* Church Management Systems with Online Giving Function

There are a number of Church Management apps available, and many churches are using them to help administrate day-to-day parish life. If your church is using a Church Management App which enables people to donate directly as well as set up direct debits – you may wish to consolidate your existing donation platform and just use your app for all digital giving.

Some providers have special deals running from March 2020 for free use of their systems.

Click here to view our Guidance on Church Management Apps

* Text Giving

This type of digital giving is useful for one-off fundraising events, for churches in areas where tourists drop in, and for events with lots of young people present.

Please Note: The popular provider JustTextGiving closed in March 2019. Please view the guidance below to identify a new provider for your church. 

Click here to view our Text Giving Guidance

* Crowd Funding

Crowd funding gives thousands of people the platform to raise money for their great ideas. It can help fundraise for churches and recognise that whilst traditional fundraising methods still work, an online fundraising platform helps combine them, and can engage a wider more varied audience to meet your funding needs.

Click here to view our Guidance on Crowd Funding

* Receiving Card Payments

It is increasingly easy for churches to start accepting card payments. You may wish to rent or purchase a card reader to process payments (both contactless and chip & PIN) for the cost of fees, concerts, cups of coffee, or for taking donations.

Click here to view further information on Receiving Card Payments and Card Reader Terminals available