National Card Reader Trial for Parishes

We are running a national trial for accepting card payments, including contactless, for fees and payments such as hall and room hire as well as for donations. The volunteer churches will be testing the card-readers for several months, and will feed back on their experiences.

We’ll be asking how easy the churches found it to sign up, how easy the reader is to use, and what they use it for.

Sixty churches from around England are taking part in the trial, testing card readers from three different suppliers. The suppliers were chosen due to their overall proposals for usability and price for use in the Church.

We are very grateful to all who volunteered their church to take part in the trial, but we now have enough pilot parishes.

Stay updated on our progress

If you are in the leadership or on the PCC for a Church of England church, and are interested in hearing how the trial progresses, please register for free with the Parish Buying service. You will receive a monthly newsletter with news and updates.

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The Parish Buying service was set up to help churches save time and money on key areas of spend (like energy and office supplies) to free up resources to spend on mission and ministry.

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