PCC Guide

The core tool in the ‘Giving for Life’ initiative is the PCC Guide. This provides a mechanism for parishes to review their strategy, access proven good practice, and identify priorities.  All too often, parishes find it hard work to raise the funds necessary to resource their mission and ministry. This guide helps parishes integrate the good practice into the normal pattern and rhythm of church life.

The resource is best used in a PCC discussion as follows……

  • Send out the guides in advance of the meeting, and ask people to complete the ‘Pointers to Action’ on pages 7 and 8.  If you wish, you can print copies of the guide locally. A black and white pdf with the pages in the right order to do this is available by clicking here. An A4 version for those who would prefer a large print version is available as a black & white pdf by clicking here.  The ‘Pointers to Action’ sheet is available as a stand alone pdf here.
  • In the meeting, a short introduction to the report should be given. If it is helpful, a PowerPoint presentation is available to guide this here
  • Before discussing detailed action plans, the PCC should collate a corporate view of the ‘Pointers to Action’. Different people can have different views, and this is not a case of right or wrong, but unpacking insights into the communication that has gone on. For example, those on the PCC in previous years may be very clear what the church’s vision is, but newer members may not. If they represent the views of many of the wider congregation, it will be important to communicate the vision afresh.
  • The four key tasks should then be reviewed.  Whilst not every parish may feel it can do all of them, it is surprising how much can be done, even by the smallest of parishes. Doing all of the tasks will make the largest difference.
  • Finally conclude by asking who will take the work forwards. You may decide to appoint a Parish Giving Officer. This has been shown to work best in a number of dioceses. Find out more by clicking here

A short guide for clergy, covering both their role as preachers & teachers, and also as chairs of the PCC is available. A pdf can be found by clicking here