Top Tips for Parish Giving Officers

As part of a questionnaire carried out amongst Sheffield Diocese’s Parish Giving Director network, respondents were asked for their top tip for someone becoming a Parish Giving Officer. Their responses included :


  • Working in a team with treasurer and gift aid secretary works best. 
  • Support – shared wisdom, shared working gives clear overall picture 
  • Get the clergy on your side… if you can! 
  • Work within a finance team 
  • Have support and encouragement from the clergy


  • Do not be afraid of talking about money 
  • Justify need for parish share – explain what it is, and what it pays for. 
  • You need to be or become aware of your congregation’s “felt” needs 
  • Giving is a response to God’s love; we do not give to pay the bills. 
  • Make sure givers are thanked for money and other gifts. 
  • Find out why people give, and why they don’t.
  • Pray and think through carefully what you are to say!! 
  • Be sure that the message that you give is that we are giving to God “through the church” not just “for the church” 
  • Maintain your interest

Personal Style:

  • Be open and not critical 
  • Be a good listener to INDIVIDUALS (everyone has their own worry, concern or difficulty.) 
  • Get to know your congregation – develop relationship with each person. Also with non-attending parish members who are or are not regular givers 
  • Speak and listen with love and understanding. 
  • Be persistent, encouraging and positive. Be positive about “the meaning of giving”
  • Keep reflecting on what/who God is asking us to be. 
  • Enjoy what you do.


  • Become totally familiar with regulations relating to gift aid 
  • Attend Diocesan events on Stewardship. 
  • Find plenty of information/input in general to widen understanding/leadership


  • It takes a long time to persuade people to change their ways/thinking, if they ever do. 
  • Do not expect immediate results, take time and persistence to change attitudes towards regular giving
  • This is a great challenge, but with great rewards
  • Be prepared for a surprise. 
  • Don’t be surprised by the giving attitude of various people in the Church and thank everyone of them.