Parish Giving Officer Job Description

This page provides an outline job description for a Parish Giving Officer.

Overall objective: 

To help the parish community develop its approach to planned giving, thereby enabling the parish to resource its mission and ministry.

Reports to : 

The PCC, and works in close co-operation with the Clergy, Treasurer and Gift Aid Officer.

It is desirable for the post-holder to be a member of the PCC, but it is not essential. It is recommended that they should present an annual report to the PCC, highlighting achievements over the past year, and proposed actions for the coming year.

Core tasks probably include: 

  • Ensuring the church teaches regularly on giving and stewardship issues. The PGO should seek to resource clergy and readers with appropriate resources.
  • Leading the organisation of an annual renewal of stewardship pledges
  • Promoting Christian giving through magazine articles, circulating leaflets, etc.
  • Encouraging taxpayers to give tax-efficiently through Gift Aid, payroll giving etc
  • Ensuring the church thanks people for their contributions at least once a year
  • Helping local residents and casual visitors to give effectively (e.g. Friends, Gift Aid envelopes)
  • Being a point of contact for the parish with the Diocesan Giving / Stewardship Officer, and attending training and giving conferences organised by the Diocese.

Outline person specification: 

  • Enthusiastic and able to motivate other people to give to God
  • Sensitive to people and who will not pressurise them into a commitment.
  • Respectful of confidentiality regarding any conversations or discussions held.
  • Happy with their own giving.
  • Have a high expectation of church members to respond, whilst at the same time realising not everyone will respond positively.
  • Understand that progress will only be made by encouraging and motivating regular, committed and sacrificial giving. This often takes some time to achieve.