Giving for Life – Continuing the Journey mailing

The National Stewardship & Resources team are offering to co-ordinate a central mailing to PCC Secretaries to make it easy and efficient for dioceses to take part. We have a fixed budget that we are able to allocate to this, which means that the mailout will be free for dioceses to participate in if not all dioceses wish to participate, or at low cost if all dioceses do wish to participate. If there will be a cost to participate, we will come back to you to ask you to confirm that you are content with this.

The mailout will contain two copies of the four page leaflet  ( Leaflet_nonPGS  or Leaflet_PGS ) and ten copies of the PCC members sheet (PCC Members or PCC Members-PGS ) as well as a local diocesan covering letter. These quantities are designed to maximise the number of copies we can send at the cheapest postal rate.

The form below is to gauge interest and help us plan the mailing, and also to enable you to pre-order additional bulk copies of the leaflets which will help us print the right quantities (you don’t need to order leaflet copies for use for your parishes in the central mailing).  If you would prefer to mail out yourselves, rather than participate in the central mailing, we will fund the same quantity of materials (2 4pp leaflets and 10 2pp PCC members sheets per PCC) only charging you for the P&P.

It would be helpful if this could be completed and submitted by Friday 15th July. Even if you don’t wish to participate, we would be grateful if you would let us know.

* indicates required field

Central Mailing to PCCs

We are planning two mailing assembly times. You will still be able to choose a detailed items to be posted later on this page.

Posting out dates will be Monday September 5th (Autumn 16 run) or Monday 9th January 2017 (early 2017 run) unless you request a later date in the following field.

Feedback suggests the best option is for the front sheet to be on Diocesan headed paper, and from a diocesan contact. You can either send us a stack of preprinted letters or you can send us a template and the data file. We will need to specify the layout to ensure the address is in the right place and will send through a sample and template.

There are two versions of the materials - with and without encouraging participation in the Parish Giving Scheme. Only dioceses who are using, or will launch the Parish Giving Scheme alongside these resources should use the PGS versions.

As mentioned above, we have a budget we can use to cover some or all of the mailing costs. To see how far it will stretch, we will need to know how many PCCs you would like us to mail to. We would suggest sending electronic versions to clergy and treasurers/Parish Giving Officers alongside the mailout.
If you would like to let us have any other details about your mailing needs, please enter these here.

Bulk Copies of Resources

If you would like to receive bulk copies of the resources delivered to you, please let us know the quantities required below. The price indicated relates to the cost of leaflets. P&P will be an additional charge. If you are mailing out to PCCs yourselves, 2 x 4pp leaflets and 10 x 2pp PCC members sheets will be free of charge. Please put in the total amount requested. Resources will be delivered in late August, unless you request otherwise.
When you submit the form, you will be taken to the home page of the website. We will contact you to confirm receipt.