New Charity Commission application guidance

We are pleased to release a newly developed “Guide for PCCs applying to be registered with the Charity Commission: Completing the online application” PDF.

This guidance has been produced in collaboration with the Charity Commission and aims to support those completing the online process on behalf of their PCC. In brief it provides:

  • An overview of PCCs as charities and thresholds for registering
  • How to use the guidance
  • Preparing to apply
  • Getting started
  • Completing the online application, section by section
  • Trustee details capture form

Recommended responses in line with the expectations of the Charity Commission for PCCs have been given wherever possible. However, due to the diverse and unique nature of parishes it is not possible to provide a generic response for all questions. We hope that the examples provided in this guidance will give you an indication of the sort of information/detail needed in your responses.

If you have any queries or doubt about what information you should provide, contact the Charity Commission Helpline on 0300 066 9197 (9am to 5pm Mon – Fri), or your diocese.

We would welcome your feedback on this guidance and your experiences of using it whilst completing your application.

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