My legal skills are a blessing from God

Meet Naomi Pinder, qualified solicitor and specialist in the preparation of Wills and related matters connected to personal planning and the administration of estates and trusts.

We interviewed Naomi to find out her views on Will writing, Will Aid and her Christian faith.


Good Stewardship to make a Will

“In a Will you can leave gifts to your Church and other charities. There are tax advantages but more importantly, it is important to include legacies in the same way as you tithe your income.

Always remember that if you give money to your Church and favourite charities during your lifetime, it is important to include them in your Will otherwise that stream of income is lost which may result in cash shortages for the organisation.”


Why Will Aid?

“Will Aid is a way of using my legal skills for the benefit not only of my clients but also for the nine charities supported by Will Aid. Last year £2.1M was raised through the Will Aid Scheme.

People use Will Aid as a reason to make a Will, instead of paying the solicitor’s fee they prefer to pay the amount to Will Aid. It’s a win-win situation.

I believe that my legal skills, experience and empathy are all blessings from God and as such it is my joy to use my talents for the benefit of others during Will Aid.”


My role as a Solicitor and my Christian Faith

“My Christian faith is central to my life and I believe that I am simply a steward of my worldly goods and assets. I have no outright ownership of anything and my material possessions and money are gifts from the Lord.

I am under a duty to manage my affairs in a correct and Biblical manner. This includes making a Will which states how my assets should be dealt with after I have died. If I don’t make a legal Will it means that no-one can be sure about my intentions and the law will control how things are managed and who receives which assets. This situation creates uncertainty and it is not the right way to manage the gifts which I have received from God.”



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