Local solicitors are ready and willing to help

This November, local solicitors are ready and willing to help people put their affairs in order and secure the future for their loved ones. They are offering to write basic Wills without charging their normal fee.  All that they ask in return is that clients consider making a donation to Will Aid. 

The suggested minimum donation is £90 for a single Will and £135 for mirror Wills.

About Will Aid

Will Aid is celebrating its 25th anniversary.  Over 250,000 people have written their Will through Will Aid since its launch.   The money raised is shared by nine UK charities that carry out life-changing work here in the UK and around the world.

Do I need a Will?

When someone dies without a valid Will, their money and possessions are distributed under the laws of intestacy.  Not only can this mean that the people intended to benefit might not do so, but it can also bring loved ones additional stress sorting out the mess at a time when they are least equipped to cope. 

Even if you have a Will it is important to keep it up to date.  Experts suggest that a Will is reviewed every five years and updated as and when circumstances change.

A lasting gift to my local Church

Remembering the Church in your Will is a wonderful way both to thank God for the blessings you have received and to help your Church to meet the needs of future generations.

A lasting gift is an important part of Christian giving; many of us give regularly to the Church each week or month from our income – why not from our estates too?

A gift in your Will could support your Church’s ministry to young people, support an overseas mission partner, preserve your historic church bells, improve facilities, and much more. Click here for more information

How can I get involved?

For more information on how your or your Church can get involved, visit our Will Aid page on Parish Resources click here

Demand for Will Aid is bound to be high so book your appointment for November as early as possible to ensure that you can take part in the scheme. Participating solicitors can be found at http://www.willaid.org.uk/or by calling the hotline 0300 0300 013.

If you require further information or promotional materials please Contact Us.

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