Using QR Codes to Encourage Giving

As many people move away from using cash, we need to enable giving through digital mechanisms. QR codes allow givers to make instant donations via their phone or mobile device simply by scanning a special code. They are easy to create and will help improve the giving experience.

What are QR codes?

QR codes (quick response codes) are images that, when scanned on a phone or tablets, take a person directly to a specific website page. Many new models of smartphones can scan QR codes using their cameras, requiring the user to hold the camera in front of a code for two to three seconds and the phone automatically takes them to the correct webpage. However cameras on older Android models do not scan QR codes; in this instance the user will need to download a QR Code Reader app.

Creating a QR Code

If you have a Give A Little page, you can create a QR code that sends givers to your giving page using the Give A Little App. Many other online giving providers such as JustGiving also allow you to create QR codes. You can create your own code using a number of QR Code generators, however you need to check as the codes may only be active for a limited time with some free providers.

How to use QR codes

You can add your QR code onto anything you print such as a pew card, an order of service, parish magazine, postcards – in fact anything printable. When adding a QR code to a poster, ensure that the image of the code is big. If you are running a direct mail campaign to encourage giving, a QR code can be a great way to encourage people to respond quickly to your campaign. Rather than having to type in the website address of your giving page, they can simply scan the code with their phone. You can also share QR codes on your website and through social media channels. If you are offering online services, you can include your QR on a slide to encourage giving during the offertory.

As with all giving mechanisms, make sure you accompany your QR code with a strong call-to-action. Blackburn Diocese has produced a poster that not only explains the need to give to the church but also provides guidance on using QR codes.

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