Four Key Tasks

There are four key tasks which have been identified as priorities for those seeking to encourage giving in the parish context :

  • Preach and teach regularly about giving in the context of discipleship. It is not the preacher’s job to raise the funds for the church, but rather to nurture holistically generous disciples. (Click here for some resources for preachers)
  • Clearly communicate that giving to the church enables the mission and ministry that flows from it. Many givers are not aware of the impact of their giving.
  • Hold some form of annual review of giving. Personal and church finances work on an annual basis, and so it is good to help people review their giving once a year. There are many different ways this can be done. (Click here for a page with an overview of different programmes)
  • Send an annual, personal ‘thank you’ to regular givers. This values givers, and provides another opportunity to see how their giving supports the work of the church. (Some  template Thank You letters are available for local customisation.)

Many parishes have found it helpful to appoint a Parish Giving Officer to lead this work.  This person, together with those who preach and teach, can plan a significant role in resourcing the parish’s mission and ministry. (Click here to see some resources to support this role)