Encouraging Millennials to Give

The under 35’s are different!

Those born between 1980 and 2000, are known as Millennials or Gen Y, and there are just over 16 million (born 1980 to 2000) in the UK, a quarter of the population.  This is the first generation to grow up with widespread computer, mobile and Internet technology, have been impacted by the introduction of student loans, and many were entering work as the 2008 economic crisis unfolded. They live, think, work and give differently to the preceding Baby Boomer and Gen X generations, and so employers, charities and companies wishing to sell to them need to act differently.

Churches will also need to change how they operate if they want to make it easy for this group to give. It’s not just giving, though – we will need profound change across the whole ambit of church life if we are to offer ways of worshipping and styles of ministry that they can relate to.

We’ve produced a short guide to help you think through how your church’s practice helps, or hinders, the Under 35’s from giving.

Helping the Under 35s to Give