4 Steps to Encouraging Legacies

There are 4 very simple steps your parish can take to encourage legacy giving your parish. Why not take Steps 1 & 2 today?

*STEP 1 Request a Free PCC Legacy Toolkit

We have a brand new PCC Legacy Toolkit available to PCCs:

The toolkit includes:

  • PCC Guide to legacy giving
  • PCC Legacy Film: A Lasting Difference
  • Examples of legacy literature
  • Helpful resources for a legacy campaign

Please email your postal address to Eleanor.Gill@churchofengland.org and we will post this out to you the next day.

* STEP 2 Make and Communicate a Legacy Policy

A legacy policy is an important document that all parishes should have. It allows the PCC to prepare and discuss how they would wish to see a gift used.

For more information on Developing a Legacy Policy and for example templates, please click here 

* STEP 3 Make Literature Available

It is important to make quality literature available so for those that wish to find out more, can take some information away and prayerfully reflect.

For more information on our free resources and to order your copies today, please click here

* STEP 4 Share your Story

It is important to talk about the power of gifts in wills to your congregation. A simple service can highlight the difference gifts have made in the past, and how they can make a difference to your church’s future.

Gifts in wills should be in encouraged, but in a sensitive, low-key manner- drip feeding messages in different ways throughout the year.

Here are some Suggestions for discussing gifts in wills:

Autumn is a natural time to give thanks and remember those much missed. It may be appropriate to give thanks and remember gifts received in the past and discuss how gifts could make a difference in the future.

Received a legacy? If you have received a legacy – share it with the congregation. If it has been spent on something recently (heating, chairs, kitchen etc.) when celebrating these new facilities, celebrate the gift also.

Stewardship Campaign as part of your annual review of giving you may wish to focus on legacy gifts.

Giving Thanks saying thank you at the end of the year for your congregational giving as well as saying thank you to those that have left a legacy, or intend to leave a gift.