New Resource! National List of Charitable Grants

After speaking with parishes across the country, we have  in response now produced a National List of Charitable Grants for Churches to use.This booklet has 6 funding categories along with useful websites, contact details and further sources of information.

To view the downloadable PDF Booklet, please click here

Fundraising and Churches 

We offer guidance and resources to parishes on fundraising, as there will inevitably be times in the lives of all of our churches when a major fundraising project is needed.

Our latest resource aims to provide as much practical information as possible on potential sources of funding churches can access.

The first step of any fundraising project is research, and you can use this guide to look through and identify funders then use their contact details to find out more about them and their funding criteria.

You can view the full National List of Charitable Grants for Churches PDF or you can download one of its six sections separately.

If you are looking to fund a specific project, individual PDFs on the following are available here:

  • Conservation, Preservation, Heritage and Restoration
  • Bells, Organs, Windows and Other SpecificFunding
  • Community Projects / Improved Facilities
  • Christian / Religious Activities
  • Landfill Communities Fund
  • Lottery Funding Available

Please note that this is a national list, and therefore contains no information about local funders. If you’re unsure who your local funders are, your Diocese might have a list, or there will be someone in the Church Buildings Department who can help you.

This new resource is in addition to our Funding Guides. For more information on church fundraising and to view all 12 Funding Guides, please click here.

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