A Christmas Gift

Call for Generosity Stories

During Advent, we will share stories about acts of generosity. We want to remind people that Christmas is an opportunity to be generous and inspire people into becoming generous disciples.

We will share the stories both as audio podcasts and as written stories on our website. The audio content will be part of a wider project establishing a generosity podcast series. The podcasts will be approximately three minutes long and can either be one person telling their generosity story or several people having a conversation. The aesthetic would be similar to BBC Radio 4’s The Listening Project.

Comfort and Joy

As most people feel more isolated than ever, a podcast is a human voice that will bring comfort to listeners and help connect them with the story.

We do not want to make people feel guilty or that they are unable to be generous because they do not have the financial means. We want people to find joy through the generosity shown to us by God. We want to show that despite some newspaper headlines adopting a hostile tone and message, we can be a generous nation and acts of generosity can be found anywhere.

How you can help

We are inviting audio submissions from staff, Giving Advisors and members of the public. We would encourage you to share our request for stories of generosity with your churches and parishes as well as anyone else in your community.

The content must be authentic. Generosity isn’t always about big gestures and often it’s those everyday acts of kindness that can have a huge impact. We want to know how this experience made you feel, what kind of impression it made on you and why you remember it.

Potential topics could include

  • Unexpected generosity
  • A small act of generosity that meant a lot
  • Someone who was generous with their time
  • A story of a generous church
  • A generous act that was rebuffed
  • A time you wished you’d been more generous
  • A story of anonymous generosity
  • A well-known charity that was started by an act of generosity

To hear an example, listen to the audio below:

Entertaining angels unaware: Naomi’s remembers how a young American woman brought joy to the hearts of a struggling poor family

We welcome submissions from a diverse range of voices, ages and experiences and from people of all faiths and none. The audio recording can be a simple recording made on your phone, it does not need to be professionally produced or edited.

Please send your submissions to: francesca.geach@churchofengland.org.

Thank you.


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