Insights into Global Generosity Conference

High Leigh Conference Centre, north of London, 18th to 20th July 2016

Generosity is at the heart of God’s character, and we can only be generous in response to blessing that we have already received. This conference offers the opportunity to engage with a wide range of perspectives and insights into what it means to reflect God’s generosity from around the globe.

Please find below presentations from the event:

Reflections:  22 short reflections from 17 countries across six continents on generosity based on a biblical passage. We invited leaders to reflect on a verse that had been helpful to them in their own journey of generosity, or useful in encouraging others along theirs.

Generosity and Mission in Acts:  Rev Dr V J Samkutty

Facts and Observations about Giving and Christian Stewardship In Europe: Redina Koloneci

Giving Groups: A new strategy to teach generosity : Peter West

World Giving Index 2015: Susan Pinkney

Sas Conradie & Mr J S Anbu Presentation  (pdf due to file size)

Generosity Path and Cultural insights  Lee Behar (pdf due to file size)

Inspiring Young People to Be Generous  Katha Von Dessien and Vlatko Racjin

Generosity Stories   Rachael Phillips